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Getting Started

School Express is created with users in mind. It is very easy to learn and use for any person with basic knowledge in computer. School Express focus on simplicity, clarity and ease of use.

Ultimate School ERP

School Express is not only a student infromation system. It is much more than that. With its integrated Finance and Human Resource module it can take care of all the system and process needed to run your organization efficiently.

Meaning of "School Express"

School Express means the manage thing quickly, usually meaning you come from speed. Something that is School Express is easy & fast, hot and rare.

Keep it Simple, Sincere

We believe in the Simplicity . All our communications are simple and sincere. Our pricing is transparent without any hidden fees. We don't like filling School Express with unnecessary features which will never be used in real time.

Technology in Education

We believe modern technologies should enhance or facilitate education. It shouldn't replace the process of education. We studied the existing software and solutions in the education field and interviewed hundreds of teachers before starting this project.