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Winlib(Library Management)
Details :-

Winlib(Library Management) automates nearly every library operation and is easy to use. WinLib is Windows based full-featured library software that provides an efficient and affordable solution to automate all types of libraries. From Acquisition to Intranet searching, WinLib practically does every job for you.

WinLib is useful for small libraries as well as large and special libraries for multi-user Operations in a Local Area Network environment.

CATALOGING used for retrospective conversion of library holdings (books and journals), cataloging of acquired documents through acquisition control. Maintains record of written off and withdrawn books and journals. It allows recalling the documents that were lost and later traced.
CIRCULATION CONTROL allows easy charging, discharging, reservation, ILL, and renewal of documents, membership registration, cancellation and issue of no-due certificate. This module can also support issue of reminders of overdue documents. All types of documents (books, journals, and loose issues) can be issued. Support Bar Code for issue/return of documents and stock verification. You can also send reminders for overdue documents through email.
ADMINISTRATION allows the administrator to maintain masters, users and central database. Assigns permission to users for accessing a particular module.
ARTICLES INDEXING Allows development of a bibliographic and full-text database.
Features :-

1. Four Modules covering all library activities
2. Its own Search Engine for powerful searching
3. Keeps track of all library holdings
4. Loans, Insurance and Advances and PF managementEfficient Inter Library Loan management
5. Facilitates full-text database management
6. Supports bibliographic and meta data standards
7. Needs minimum training to start
8. Web Module puts your library on the network
9. Fast and easy stock verification with bar code.


Pentium IV and above
512 MB RAM
CD-RW Drive
Color Monitor (SVGA)
10/100 NIC
Novell/Windows NOS

Pentium IV and above
512 MB RAM
CD-ROM Drive
Color Monitor (SVGA)
10/100 NIC
Windows XP/Vista OS

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