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The team at winIND Technology is very professional and easy to deal with. I found their guidance and advice extremely helpful throughout the re-designing of my website. Quote
Manoj ,

Implementation & Deployment

winIND performs all the functions of implementation, from Scoping the requirements, Analysis Design, Prototyping, Deployment, Integration and Cut over into production, Continuous Improvement. WinIND has staff and over 75 Implementation Distributors available for a complete implementation of our software. Cost is from 75 to 100% of the software cost depending on the organization.

winIND works with the customers implementation team. WinIND is there to help support the customers implementation. We give the team the knowledge to implement an ERP software successfully. We give the materials to the implementation team.WinIND is there to provide its customers with optimal advice on how to effectively implement the application in their business.

Terminology Mapping
Help the customer understand the precise meaning of significant WinIND terms. For example:
1.Explain what an WinIND Inventory Class implies for inventory organization; labor reporting and financial reporting.

2.Explain how sold to, invoice to, bill to and customer groups relate to each other and how they are used in credit checking

Business Process Mapping
Help the customer understand how to describe business process flows in terms of WinIND application job streams. Assist in determining what manual procedures and controls should surround those job streams to provide the desired level of process standardization and control.


1.Inclusive list of policy and procedure areas to be addressed.

2.Thorough understanding of current systems by Business Analysis Team.

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