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The team at winIND Technology is very professional and easy to deal with. I found their guidance and advice extremely helpful throughout the re-designing of my website. Quote
Manoj ,

DotNetNuke Skins allow you to quickly and easily customize the look and feel of your web site. winIND offering thousands of color and design combinations for free and purchase on the DotNetNuke marketplace.

Designing a custom look and feel for a DotNetNuke site requires changes to all or some of the key design elements:

Style Sheet 
Body Background

A summary of each of these design elements and the design areas of the portal which they reflect are detailed below.

A skin is the design applied to the standard DotNetNuke portal to change the layout and design.  A skin package is a zip file includes the HTML layout, images, and may also include a stylesheet. Each Skin will define Panes, locations where you can place modules onto a DotNetNuke page. 

A skin package must be uploaded to your File Manager and can be globally added or removed on the Site Settings tab, or under the Tab Settings of each tab.

Containers frame individual modules and can be applied to one or more modules, or can be set globally across all modules.

A container package is uploaded to your File Manager and can be globally managed on the Site Settings tab, or under the Module Settings of each modules.

Style Sheet
The default Style Sheet provides a standardized look to the portal.  The Style Sheet controls the fonts, colors and styles throughout the portal. There are also style sheets that are provided with Modules, Skins, and within Containers on a page.

Body Background
An image or colour can be added to the background of all tabs to further customize the look of the portal.  The body background image is tiled.

The image must be uploaded to your File Manager and can be added or removed on the Site Settings tab.

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